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Now you can learn, grow, and graduate in a digital environment!  When it comes to education, one size does not fit all.  People learn in various ways and at their own pace.  Although the traditional classroom works well for many students, others find that they are more successful working independently.  This is precisely why Miamisburg Schools sponsored MSA.

Miamisburg Secondary Academy (MSA) is a conversion charter school in Ohio, sponsored by the Miamisburg City School District. The Academy officially opened its doors on August 24, 2005. A team of district high school teachers and administrators saw the need to create a better "safety net" for struggling students and the concept of the Academy was born.

The mission and vision created back in 2005 are still very relevant today; create an alternative learning environment tailored to meet the needs of struggling students that leads to a successful graduation from high school. Because of our target population, MSA is designed by the State of Ohio as a dropout and recovery charter school serving grades 7-12 within the Miamisburg City School District attendance boundaries.

MSA is governed by a board of education similar to all Ohio public districts. Our sponsor, the Miamisburg City Schools Board of Education, approves all appointments to the MSA Board of Education as are required by law. Currently serving the MSA Board of Education are President Ron Hess, Vice-President Joel Mitchell, and board members Vanessa Glotfelter, Mike McCabe and Ann Niess.

Miamisburg Secondary Academy Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance and facilitate student learning by utilizing all of our resources to tailor curriculum and instruction in such a way that all our students can be successful and prepared to become a lifelong learner and productive citizens.


The Miamisburg Secondary Academy will hold a board meeting Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 8:00 am. The board meeting will be held at the Miamisburg Board of Education - 540 E. Park Avenue, Miamisburg, OH  45342.



Annual/Sponsor Report

Click below to view the Sponsorship Report submitted to the Ohio Department of Education on behalf of Miamisburg City Schools.






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2017-18 MSA Student Handbook

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Financial Information

The 2015-16 unaudited financial statements for Miamisburg Secondary Academy are available for review by selecting this link. Questions? Contact Tina K. Hageman, Treasurer/CFO at 937-866-3381.