The Miamisburg Secondary Academy’s program is designed to meet the individual needs of students. Based on each student’s transcript of academic coursework, an individual plan will be created to meet both state and local graduation requirements.

The majority of our curriculum is online utilizing the APEX software program. APEX meets Common Core Standards adopted by the State of Ohio. Online education offers a variety of opportunities not available in a traditional school setting. Our students can make progress in their assigned coursework twenty-four hours a day; including weekends, holidays, and any day school may not be in session. Another feature of online coursework is its individualized nature. Students begin working in the curriculum at a level appropriate to their capabilities and progress systematically through the program. A pre-test is initially administered to determine appropriate placement. Thus, each student is at their prescribed level in any given course and will progress at their own rate. A variety of courses will be available to MSA students as contracted with APEX.

Student access to the internet and coursework will be filtered and governed by the internet user agreement. The computers utilized by the MSA work in a “school district” environment yet allow access to many educational resources. All web sites accessed by school computers will be monitored by district software.

The curriculum is mostly on-line but students may be required to complete coursework using textbooks and prepared worksheets, review questions and mastery tests. Instruction and tutoring by our teachers is available as well. Students may also work at their own pace even with these courses. Again, all courses are aligned to the new Ohio standards.

Our students are still required to take all State testing (OAA, OGT, End of Course Exams) assigned to the various grades and subject matter. MSA will adhere to and abide by State law in the admission of all legislative State tests.


Federal and state laws require all districts and schools to test all students in specific grades and courses. There is no law that allows a parent or student to opt out of state testing and there is no state test opt-out procedure or form. If a parent withdraws his or her child’s participation in certain state tests, there may be consequences for the child, the child’s teacher, and the school and district. READ MORE


New graduation requirements will take effect with the Class of 2018. These are students who enter ninth grade for the first time in the 2014-2015 school year. The new requirements did not change the courses or number of course credits required for students to be eligible for graduation. The requirements changed the state testing process students will engage in during their high school career and the graduation points they will earn on seven end-of-course exams.

Students will take end-of-course exams in English 9, English 10, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, American History and American Government. Students will participate in the EOCE related to their currently enrolled courses. Read the full article here.

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