Miamisburg Secondary Academy expects all students to meet these desirable behaviors or actions in all school settings.

Be on Time – each and every day in session
Be Prepared – both physically and mentally to work and do your best
Be Respectful -  to all staff and students in program.
Be Academic -  focus and work the entire academic time!



Students who choose to attend the Academy:

  • Must earn 20 credits to graduate, including:  4 Language Arts, 4 Mathematics (1 must be Algebra II), 3 Science (1 credit must be Physical Science, 1 Life Science, 1 Advanced Science), 3 Social Studies (½ credit must be American History and ½ credit must be Government), ½ Physical Education and ½ Health.
  • Will be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremonies as a graduate of MSA upon completion of credits and passage of all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test/accumulation of 18 points on the seven End of Course exams.   
  • Will receive a diploma from the Miamisburg Secondary Academy sponsored by the Miamisburg City School District.
  • Will receive a graduation cap, gown and diploma cover at no cost to the student.  (NOTE:  Should an expulsion/removal from MSA occur and be in effect on the date of the graduation ceremony, the student may not participate in the ceremony.)
  • Will understand participation in MHS sponsored activities, (e.g., homecoming dance, prom, yearbook, sports) may not be possible due to daily schedule of MSA program.
  • Must submit all required paperwork before a MSA application will be approved and processed, i.e., proof of residency, completed application, birth certificate, etc.
  • Must attend a student/parent meeting prior to acceptance in the Academy programs and complete / sign MSA Student Plan for each academic year.
  • Will adhere to minimum time allocations of the program. Programs require both classroom attendance and independent on-line time in order to complete required coursework. Annual minimum standards to be met are:


                          Program                                       Classroom Hours          

A+ (7th through 10th grades)                    179 x 6.5 = 1163.50                              

Access (11th and 12th grades)                179 x 5.25 = 939.75

  • Must pay all fines and fees owed to former school district.
  • Must participate in district/state mandated testing requirements. Failure to participate in mandated testing will result in withdrawal from the Academy.

  • Home Environment students must attend computer orientation.     
  • Home Environment students must participate in help sessions.


A student’s honesty as it applies to the academic school work is fundamental to his/her success and learning.  With technology and a wealth of information available, our students must engage in an honest pursuit and application of new knowledge.  Academic honesty requires that students produce their own work!  In contrast, academic dishonesty is a student’s attempt to claim and show possession of completed assignments and tests that he/she did not complete on their own.  With this in mind, all final / post tests in each subject will be taken on site supervised by an Academy teacher.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The following actions are reflective of academic dishonesty and are subject to disciplinary action by the Academy.  Some offenses may be criminal in nature and, therefore, prosecutable under local, state or federal laws.

  • Plagiarizing materials: taking the specific or general substance of another person’s work and offering it as one’s own work.
  • All forms of cheating including but not limited to other students completing your on-line units, assignments, tests or forged academic logs required to obtain credit for the course.

No credit for dishonest completion of any work will be awarded.  Students may be asked to repeat their work under the supervision of a teacher. 



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