Enrollment Policy

MSA is a nontraditional school designed to serve students who are not progressing / learning effectively in the traditional public school environment. Thus, the Miamisburg Secondary Academy has been designed to serve the following categories of students:

•    Students who have dropped out or have not earned the credits necessary for graduation and wish to recover credit or pass state required tests.

•      Students who are performing below grade level and wish to focus their education exclusively on an independent course of study, starting at the student's current skill and knowledge level and building forward at a pace determined by the student in collaboration with online instructors.

•      Students who have been removed from school for disciplinary or personal reasons but who are committed to and capable of regaining their focus on academic pursuits.

•     Students who have been home-schooled in the past but who desire the comprehensive, formal, and standards-based curriculum available through enrollment in the Academy.  

The following are essential preconditions for a student's enrollment and successful participation in the MSA:    

•    Students are accepted into MSA after a meeting is convened and teachers, parents, counselors and/or an administrator decide that this is an appropriate alternative placement. Criteria for placement will include: all other alternative measures are not appropriate or have failed; attendance record steadily shows a decline; there is little or no or academic progress in current education programs; behavior or personal issues prohibit learning in the current classroom environment.

•     When applying for enrollment to the Miamisburg Secondary Academy, students and parents/guardians will be required to submit a signed statement that the time commitment and state attendance requirements will be met.  Alternatively, the requirement of adult presence in the home may be waived upon the written request of, and assumption of liability by, the student and the student's parent/guardian.  The latter will require a representation by the student, and the student's parent/ guardian, that the student is sufficiently mature and responsible to justify a waiver of the adult supervision requirement.

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